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From: "kmkenny" <>
Subject: Jim Reeves
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 06:18:53 +0200

Hi. Thank you for a fantastic web site on Jim Reeves as I am a big fan of his music. I have a CD of Jim re: "We Thank Thee," and it is in Living stereo and sounds fantastic. On the inside cover there on display is another of Jim also in Living Stereo called "The Intimate Jim Reeves." Would you know if the CD is still available and at what price? I live in South Africa and hope you can help me with this.

--K.M. Kenny

Editor's Note: I am happy to say that BOTH of the albums you mentioned HAVE been issued on CD by RCA/BMG. You should have no trouble finding them in various online catalogs, or you can email the Ernest Tubb Record Shop (there is a link on the "Links" page). I know they do international shipping. -- Julie

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 10:09:26 -0500

To Jim's sisters Virgie & Luie, to his niece Lani (who is working so hard to ensure that Jim and Mary's lives are not sullied by the vindictive actions of her last "husband"), my tribute to Jim is:

35 years...I really cannot believe that this length of time has passed since Jim's death. I remember so well how devastated I felt when I heard the news of his plane crash. I believe it was 1956/57 when I first heard his music and fell under the spell of his incredible voice. I guess I have been under it ever since! His songs have been with me over the years, inspiring me and soothing me when I get down (they still do).

My great regret is that I was never able to see and hear him in person. Although I believe he did tour some of the US bases in the UK. I also was never able to get to the museum in Nashville, or meet Mary so you can imagine how overjoyed I'll be if it reopens (perhaps in response to a request in Mary's will). This time I WILL visit.

As the words to "Whispering Home" say....."soft as the voice of an angel..."

The Angel has gone, but remains in our hearts.....the voice will go one forever. God Bless Jim (and Mary) and may you be happy forever after.

--Maggie Buck, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

From: (William B. Wilson)
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 06:27:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: My appreciation

Julie: Never have my eyes been opened so vividly. I'm new to web surfing, but not new to appreciating the legacy of both Jim and Mary. I, also, have been a fan of Jim Reeves all my life. There has never been nor will there ever be another like him.

I sincerely appreciate your website and wish now I'd never visited the other one. My son in Wisconsin made me aware of it's existence. Needless to say, as soon as I finish this to you, I'm forwarding your note to him and also how to view your wonderful, truthful, and very informative site...

I had the opportunity to reside in Nashville from January 1980 thru December 1982. I was an executive with one of the freight lines serving the Nashville area. My secretary was Barbara Lea, Dolly's replacement with Porter Wagoner. Porter's daughter, Denice, (probably misspelled) worked in the office and Connie Smith's (now Mrs. Marty Stuart's) son, Darren, worked there for several months before accepting a call to become a missionary in England. Nashville was good to me and I want to always speak highly of the town, and never forget the many wonderful people who made my stay such a memorable one. Mrs. Dorothy (Tex) Ritter was influential in my obtaining backstage privileges at the Opry. I'll be forever grateful.

No sooner had I arrived in Nashville than I had the privilege of visiting "Evergreen Place" (the former Jim Reeves Museum). That first visit also included meeting Mary. I can't count the times which I personally took out-of-town guests by to view what I considered the finest place in Tennessee. Like you, my roots are deep and I'm proud of it. There will never be another Jim or Mary Reeves. By signing your guest book I want to in some way perpetuate his memory and show my deepest gratitude to you for the tremendous effort you have put into your site. If I can share anything with you, please don't hesitate to ask. We travel back to Nashville several times a year and now it will be with a heavy heart.

Again, thank you for sharing with me your deepest appreciation for the one and only Jim Reeves. I appreciate most the opportunity to share with you some of my innermost thoughts about him.

I really appreciate you,
--William B. "Bill" Wilson

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 21:07:56 -0600
Subject: Untruths About Jim

Since about 1960, I have been a Jim Reeves fan. I was 13 then, I am 52 now. I am saddened to hear of the "stories" trying to circulate about him. Is there a periodical attempting to exploit these half-truths? I know this is a vague question, but it is honestly asked.

Just this month, I purchased 5 more CDs of Jim's music.

--Austin J. Crehan

Editor's Note: I'm not sure if I understand your question. There is no one "publication" per se that I know of other than some country music magazines from time to time which get their facts wrong about Jim. However, in the summer of 1998, a book was published by Michael Streissguth called "From A Moth To A Flame." It is a worthless piece of trash about Jim. The author made mistakes from Chapter One -- even getting Jim's family history wrong. And it went down hill from there. In fact, there were too many inaccuracies to count. Many of these have been pointed out to the publisher, Rutledge Hill Press, but that company has continued to promote the book as "the definitive" account of Reeves' life. They admitted the book was already printed and in their warehouse before the problems with it were brought to their attention (although one wonders why they didn't have fact-checkers and editors). Instead of doing what St. Martin's Press did (which recalled a book on George W. Bush, thus losing money on 90,000 copies, when questions arose about its accuracy), Rutledge Hill went ahead and distributed this offensive and poorly researched tome on Reeves.

Besides all this, Streissguth relied largely on people who were on the periphery of Jim's life, or knew him only episodically. One such "source" was "songwriter" Alex Zanetis, who alleged among other things that Jim brutalized his wife Mary and had her "cowering" in corners. Streissguth failed to corroborate this allegation with even a single other witness, even though Zanetis claims he saw an incident of such "violence" at a birthday party in the Reeves home. Others who were present all deny any such incident ever took place. Streissguth never bothered to tell his readers that Zanetis and Jim had a falling out over a business arrangement gone sour, and that Reeves vowed never to have anything to do with Alex again.

This is the sort of stuff that's been circulating about Jim -- in FIVE editions published simultaneously around the world.

As I take every opportunity to point out, a MUCH more thoroughly researched and accurate account of Jim's life is being written with the hands-on cooperation of the Reeves family and Jim's closest associates. So we all have something to look forward to in the coming months that will address this great injustice to "Gentleman Jim." -- Julie

From: Torbjörn Persson <>
Subject: To Jim and Mary
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 00:32:41 +0100

Jim was the best singer ever and will allways be....
What a voice...
You are my favorite...
Happy Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2000
Greatings from Sweden

--Torbjörn Persson, Lomma

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 21:14:08 -0500
From: Vivian Baylor <>
Subject: Need Help

Julie, I need your help. This may not have to do with Mr. Reeves, though. You see I'm in a band and we need this Ireland song called "Lord of the Dance ." I need sheet music for 1st B flat clarinet. Please try
to help me. My e-mail address is

--Carrie B.

From: "Pavlovec" <>
Subject: Jim Reeves
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 15:27:41 -0600

Glad to see that someone has made such a site on the greatest singer of all time. Unfortunately I have not been able to afford the 16-CD box "Welcome To My World" but eventually :) Jim's music has always struck a chord in me. Thanks for putting together such a nice site on him.

From: Odd Sørås <>
Subject: SV: Searching for a song
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 10:39:00 +0100

Jim Reeves is still very popular in Norway. I frequently get listeners' requests for his songs. In July this year a memorial documentary about him was televised nationwide by The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. In the 1960s he was extremely popular, especially after the Nashville Country Tour of April '64 and the legendary concert in Oslo (Jim, Bobby Bare, Chet Atkins, Anita Kerr singers) that people all over the country watched on TV. The concert has been re-run several times since.

If you forgive me for being personal, I remember the evening when I learned that Jim Reeves was dead. I was 17 then, and I and a couple of friends went to visit a girl that we knew. When we came to her house, she had tears rolling down her cheeks. "Have you heard?" she sobbed, "Jim Reeves is dead!" She had just heard the news on the radio.

That speaks a lot about the appeal JR had -- even to young people (she was 16). And imagine -- the death of an American country singer being reported on the rather strict and officious news bulletin of The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation!

Hope to hear more from you soon, and good luck to your husband! I will certainly try to get the book and read it when it is published!


Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 07:08:42 EST
Subject: Song "Have I Told you Lately That I Love You"

A friend and I have been trying to remember when this song was a hit. Can you tell me the year Jim Reeves made this recording? Please e-mail me your response. Thank you for your help.


Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 22:09:04 +0530

I am interested in having a copy of the new Jim Reeves video ("Am I Losing You", seen in RealAudio elsewhere on this site), if the same is made available for circulation among Jims' fans. I am ready to meet the necessary charges/costs. I am also interested in the Video "Kimberley Jim" if the same is available. I was awaiting the release of the said movie sometime in 1964/65 but to my bad luck as the same was filmed in South Africa it was banned due to Apartheid. I am also interested in any other video of Jims' recordings and/or "On Stage." I have several of Jims' vinyl records and cassettes.

--Allwyn Gonsalves (One of Jims' ardent fans who in post 1964/65 knew each and every one of Jims' Songs by heart and who still remembers most of them even today.)

From: "J. Hadley" <>
Subject: Jim Reeves recording info.
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 13:34:08 PST

I have been a loyal fan of Jim Reeves since I first heard his 45 r.p.m. records and his hits on the radio in the late 1950s. Jim Reeves, in my estimation, is the finest male vocalist there has ever been. His music never fails to deeply move me and impress me.

Can you tell me if Jim had a favorite microphone of choice or that he insisted on using in the Nashville RCA Studios from about 1958 onwards? IF there were microphones of choice, how would we find out exactly what mics they were?

Lastly, I have heard that the film "Kimberley Jim" is again available on VHS video format. Also that there is a never before seen video of Jim singing another of his hit songs "live". Lastly how would us fans go about purchasing the above videos as well as the best copy of Jim's newly found audio taping "Live At Panther Hall" I have also recently heard about?

Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work on this wonderful web site! Thank you so VERY MUCH for helping keep so many very accurate and wonderful memories of Gentleman Jim Reeves alive for all us millions of his fans!

I hope this gets through to you. I have greatly enjoyed your "Ask Joyce" and "Fan Forum" web site selections! May you-all have a very safe and wonderfully Joyous Merry Christmas and New Years holiday!

--J. Hadley

Editor's Note: Your question is pretty technical so I turned to Larry Jordan, who's writing the new biography on Jim. Larry responds "Studio B, where Jim did most of his recording, was equipped with a variety of microphones. Early on Jim had learned that the RCA 44BX ribbon microphone (as used by KWKH in Shreveport) was best able to capture the richness of his voice, and he made a point of using it on many of his sessions. The one Jim used most often in the later years, however, was a Neuman omni-directional set up on a cartoid pattern. The mike was hung on a boom slightly above Jim, as he had a tendency to tilt his head back a bit when he sang."

"Kimberley Jim" has been available for a number of years now on home video. You can order it from a variety of sources, including the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville (see the "Links" page).

"Live At Panther Hall" is NOT a "newly found" recording. The man who has been circulating this (and we hear charging people for it along with other audio he does not have the rights to), has told several conflicting stories about its origins. He sent a copy to Mary years ago, judging from a copy of a letter we have that she sent to him. It is a rather crude tape with a lot of distortion and background hiss, even after it has been "cleaned up" by some amateur audiophiles. There is a lot better tape out there being traded among fans. In any event, NEVER pay for these things beyond the cost of a tape. Trust me. I learned the hard way. -- Julie

From: "Kerry Edwards" <>
Subject: Jim Reeves tribute show
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 03:14:55 PST

My wife and I recently went to a Tribute to Jim Reeves performed by John Grenell here in Canberra Australia. It was a lovely show. A number of old video clips, mostly from the Jim Reeves video plus others I had not seen were shown. The music was as authentic as it could be with a guy from Canada playing the keyboards and copying the styles created by the studio musicians to the 'T'. While John did not imitate Jim's voice the resemblence was eerie. John did do a fantastic job of portraying Jim's life. The lady singer Kylie ? who did some songs by Patsy Cline and the "I Fall to Pieces" and "Have You Ever Been Loney" duets with John plus the Dottie West, "Love is No Excuse" was fantastic. I believe she is resident in Nashville and if do get a chance to see her, please do.

In all a great show.

--Kerry Edwards (Canberra, Australia)

Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 01:35:18 EST
Subject: Fantastic Jim Reeves Video

I just want to thank you for informing me about the newly found Jim Reeves video from Valentine's Day, 1959. It is truly wonderful!! We owe you much gratitude for supplying this to us fans. We are fortunate indeed to have Julie Campbell at the helm of this great website. You are to be lauded for your extraordinary dedication to the preservation of the memory and the music of Jim Reeves...

--Philip Cafiero

From: "Colleen Barnard" <>
Subject: Re: Opinion from one of the old-time fans ...
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 21:38:57 -0000

I tried to watch the new video, but there was an error that would not let me in to it. OH NO !!!

I also looked at some of the things in your scrapbook ... now ... you have a 45 record sleeve with a pic of Jim, "I'm Gettin' Better." It says there that as far as is known this picture of Jim was not known to have been used elsewhere. I beg to differ my dear. I have seen that picture before on an advertisement that was used in South Africa when Jim was there in the 60's somewhere, when he did "Kimberley Jim." This is the time period I am talking about. My father had one of these ad pictures up on his office wall in his store out on our farm. I had told you in an earlier e-mail what great fans the folks were. Well, the pic came from a trip to somewhere or another taken by the folks while Jim was touring South Africa. I know the picure well. I know there were other pics used at the time, but I can distinctly remember the one on the sleeve because I lived with it in that office for so many years. As I said, I cannot say exactly where it came from, but I do know for a fact that it was during his tour in South Africa.

I am beginning to feel a little more at ease with the fact that poor Mary Reeves died so sadly...only because she has joined her beloved "Kimberley Jim" where he is serving his Lord in heaven !! May God bless them both and keep them safe!!!

--Colleen Barnard

Editor's Note: A few fans have written to report problems viewing the "Am I Losing You" video clip I have posted in the Scrapbook area. The problem is you MUST use at least RealPlayer 5.0 or else it will not work. You can download the FREE player by clicking the button on the page.

With regard to the picture in question, what I meant was that the photo was not used on any album covers and was certainly not seen in any promotion here in the States. Thanks for writing! -- Julie

From: Leon Wells <>
Subject: Jim Reeves
Date: November 15, 1999

Julie: Just found your Jim Reeves page. Like you, I have been an ardent Jim Reeves fan since the late 1950s and [he] is by far my favorite singer of all time. How many of us are there who feel like this?!). I have most all of his recordings in one form or another. Because they collaborated on so many recordings, I'm also a big Cindy Walker fan. Her music/lyrics and Jim's voice were heavenly matches.

Just went up to Carthage a few weeks ago to check to see how the [Tesxas Country Music Hall of Fame] museum is coming. As you probably know, they have not broken ground yet. I'm ooking forward to its completion..

I don't think Jim's music will ever go away. All of my four children have had hefty doses of it through the years and are also fans...

--Leon Wells

From: (Joyce)
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 17:23:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Jim Reeves

Jim has been my favorite singer since the 1950's. No one has or ever will touch my soul the way his voice has. He's the greatest singer ever.

--Joyce Frontcakas, Gulfport, Florida.

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 14:29:04 EDT
Subject: "Yours Sincerly" Album

Hello, Julie! A really great site about my favorite singer. I'm a German fan of Jim Reeves and visit this site frequently. A friend of mine in USA got for me the album "Your Sincerely, Jim Reeves" but unfortunately it was broken when it arrived in Germany. Therefore, I'd like to ask whether there is somebody out, willing to give me a copy on tape. If so, please write to my email-address mentioned above. Thank you very much.

--Ursula (from Germany)

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:45:23 +1300
From: Liz Dunlop <>
Subject: Gentleman Jim

We recently went to a Tribute to Jim Reeves performed by John Grenell here in Christchurch New Zealand. It was a very moving show. I was brought up with Jim's music as my parents were great fans. We still love his music and John did a fantastic job of portraying Jim's life.

John Grenell read a quote that apparently Jim had hanging in his office. I would very musch like a copy of this. If you know what I am talking about and it is possible to e-mail it to be I would be most grateful. I hope you can help

--Liz Dunlop, Christchurch New Zealand

Editor's Note: Glad to help and "hello" to all Jim Reeves fans "down under." Here is the poem, entitled "Indispensable Man.":

Sometime when you're feeling important,
Sometime when your ego's in bloom,
Sometime when you take it for granted
You're the best qualified in the room,

Sometime when you feel that your going
Would fill an unfillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions
And see how they humble your soul.

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to your wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that's remaining
Is a measure of how you'll be missed.

You can splash all you wish when you enter,
You may stir up the water galore,
But stop, and you'll find that in no time
It looks quiet the same as before.

The moral in this quaint example
Is do just the best that you can,
Be proud of yourself, but remember...
There's no indispensable man.

From: "Kerry Edwards" <>
Subject: The Blue Boys - We Remember Jim LPM 3331
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 04:19:49 PDT

I wonder if many of Jim's fan's remember the LP "The Blue Boys: We Remember Jim"? I recently acquired it and was listening to the songs. In particular Leo Jackson's "Big Blue" which was the bus of course and the last song penned by Jim and Ray Baker -- a lovely, bouncy tune called "I'm A Hit Again," sung by one of the Blue Boys. It also has a cracked up version of "Blue Boy" made into "Blue Boys." Plus a number of other instrumentals.

I was also wondering if the BBC recording of Jim's life story aired in 1980-81 was ever made commercially available? I did write and ask them a while back, but they would not release it. I do have most of the interviews taped off BBC Radio, but missed one segment. I think Dave Bussey was involved in this too. It may be worth your while asking BBC or even a
commercial agency.

--Kerry Edwards

Editor's Note: If I'm not mistaken, the BBC special you spoke about (which I think ran in several installments for a total of about seven hours), is the one Mary adapted and had Eddy Arnold narrate. Then it was released through Jim Reeves Enterprises on cassettes. I am told that a CD version is being readied and may be available soon. Reportedly, the script includes more mentions of Mary. As for obtaining a copy of the full version as broadcast on the BBC, perhaps there is someone out there who will contact you and offer a bootleg dub. They ARE available... -- Julie

From: "David Bednar, Jr." <>
Subject: The Night Watch
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 22:46:01 -0700

Jim Reeves recorded "The Night Watch" on January 30, 1962 for his "We Thank Thee" LP. Does anyone know where I can find the LP, or prefeably a CD with the "Night Watch" on it? I'm extremely interested.

--David Bednar, Jr.

Editor's Note: RCA/BMG has finally released "We Thank Thee" on CD. You should be able to find it readily on the net or at your favorite music store.

From: "Rahul Moghe" <>
Subject: Jim Reeves.
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 10:29:15 +0530

Hello. I'd like to know if Jim Reeves ever recorded "Right Words"? The song's title appears at the Dutch web site dedicated to Jim. I don't remember seeing this title in the CD set that contains all his numbers.

I also wonder if he got to record "The Wind Up". I have a live recording of this song in which he mentions that he would shortly be recording it.

--Rahul Moghe, INDIA

Editor's Note: Leo Jackson, Jim's longtime lead guitarist insists -- as do others close to Jim -- that Reeves NEVER recorded "Right Words" and, in fact, it is NOT Jim singing it on the Bear Family CD collection. Bear says it was included (along with another number which is NOT Jim, "You Darling You") because these tapes were found in the RCA vault in boxes marked "Jim Reeves." Anyone who thinks it is Jim has my sympathies because they are obviously tone deaf. Whoever that man is that's singing, he sounds dead drunk and has none of the phrasing, tonal quality or diction of Jim. Not even close. He can't even find the notes. Have you ever known Jim Reeves to have that problem?

As for your question about "The Wind-Up," the song does not appear on any of the paperwork maintained by RCA. Thus it is likely he only performed it on the Armed Forces show, making it even more rare. -- Julie

From: "Vishal Nath" <>
Subject: Jim Reeves is the Ultimate
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 09:53:06 +0530

"Snowflake" has always been our family hymn. For years we have heard it tens of times in a day. A song that stirs the core of the heart. This is the only Jim Reeves record we have; but that Voice has enchanted us and all our friends, who have heard it even once. At long last we managed to buy a cassette of Jim and any Jim lover can feel our Joy. That intensity, that dreamy feeling and yet the simplicity, verily this is Jim Reeves. Yesterday, we surfed our way to his beautiful website. We are glad to have discovered not just the man behind "Snowflake", but so many souls who share our sentiments. We literally wept to hear his and Mary's tragic story. But we firmly believe in the infallibility of Truth and are sure his legacy will be restored to his rightful heirs. Alas, we couldn't see him flesh and blood, but we do see him: any evening, by the lake, strumming his guitar under the oak tree and we are there too, lost in his melody.

--Vishal , Vikrant and our Mom and Dad.
Utttar Pradesh

Editor's Note: What a moving letter with sentiments so tenderly expressed. Thank you so much for writing. I'm sure other fans of Jim's will be as touched as I am by your thoughts. I hope you and your family will soon acquire other recordings by the incomparable Jim Reeves! -- Julie

From: (susie brown)
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 20:08:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Wondering about song

My cousin from Iowa (Judy) was wondering about a song she remembered when she was young. She can't remember the title but it had these words in them. Here are the words she remembers......"When you are old enough I would like to marry you... this is all she remembers. Can you help us with this?

--Kendra Wheeler and Judy Williams

Editor's Note: Those words don't immediately ring a bell with me but maybe somebody out there can help. -- Julie

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 16:43:31 EDT
Subject: 12 Songs Of Christmas

I see the album "Twelve Songs of Christmas" is once again back in print. It's available from Catalog Music Company, P.O. Box 159297, Nashville TN 37215-9297 (800-992-4487). The album is $11.98 for CD and $8.98 for cassette. Item numbers are D-5208 for the CD and 5208-C for the tape. This company also has the videotape "Golden Memories & Silver Tears" (107-V), and the film "Kimberley Jim" (071-V). Another good tape they have is the Jim Reeves and Ray Price (603-V) video from the Ganaway Films series. They have a nice catalog of vintage c/w recordings and videos and I suggest at least ordering the free catalog.

-- Jim Saicheck

Editor's Note: Thanks Jim, for this information. Those of you who visited this website late last year may know that Jim Reeves's "Twelve Songs of Christmas" had gone out of print and stores were unable to even order it. I received a ton of email from fans wanting to find a copy of the CD, or even a copy of the original vinyl release if a used one could be located. Everyone agreed at the time that it was shameful that BMG had allowed this wonderful album to go out of print. I'm sure a lot of fans will be happy to hear it is once again available! -- Julie

From: "Peter Atkinson" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 23:05:43 +0100
Subject: HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY..............

Dear Julie, this collection (referenced on the "What's New" page) is available from "" @ $14.99 as well as Collectors Choice Music and I agree with you it is a very nice collection.

Kindest Regards,
--Peter Atkinson

From: "Gil Nelson" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 18:52:39 -0500
Subject: New 3 CD set at Yalplay (Europe)

Dear Julie, The 3-CDset "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" is available on a British web site: I have purchased many items online from this store and have always been satisfied with their service. They accept all major credit cards. The price is 8.15 British pounds (about $14.00)

Fans should also know that there are now TWO Reeves CD's with the same title in Europe. Yalplay is very good about catagorizing their product, ie: single CD pack, 2 CD Pack, 3 CD Pack... All people have to do is key Jim's name in the site's search engine, click on what format they want, then scroll down to the 3 CD packs.

--Gil Nelson

Editor's Note: We tried searching for items that pertained to Jim Reeves on, but the search engine kept crashing with the error message "file not found." Perhaps someone else will have more luck that we did! -- Julie

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 09:42:58 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Jim Reeves Hayride CD

I was wondering if you can help me with a question. I have been told that Jim's recordings on the "Louisiana Hayride" were issued on a CD two years ago, yet I can find no trace of it. I was wondering if you knew where I can get a copy of said CD? Any help would be very welcome. Thanks and have a nice day.

--Brian J.A. O'Keefe

Editor's Note: As far as I know, no such "Hayride" CD has yet appeared, despite the fact that the proposed liner notes have been posted elsewhere on the web for a long time. It is known that some legal wrangling delayed the project for years, but we had been told that everything was straightened out. The man who was supposedly issuing the CD is Joey Kent. I have attempted to locate him the last several months, to no avail. Email sent to the address I was given is returned as undeliverable. Perhaps someone knows how we can get in touch with Mr. Kent and will forward that information to me! Thanks. -- Julie

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 23:31:46 -0400
From: Craig Morris <>
Subject: Ranking all-time country singers

(In response to the report in "What's News" about how "Country Music" magazine did a list of the all-time best voices in country music, and left off Jim's name): All one has to do is see the singers left off the list to consider how ludicrous are the rankings!!! Rather than put the knock on the artists who are listed I would consider those not listed. The following are much closer in calibre of voice quality: Ray Price, Don Williams, Vince Gill, Jim Ed Brown. Finally, if Jim Reeves is not among the top two or three voices ever produced than what causes people to purchase over 175 million of his records?

--Craig Morris

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 15:44:55 +0200
From: Rune-Olav Vetås
Subject: Jim Reeves and other great country voices

I have just read the Country Music magazine's list of "THE 12 GREATEST.COUNTRY VOICES OF ALL TIME". I think this list is not much to make notice of and should simply be ignored by this website. Just by mentioning it the people behind this list get more attention than they deserve. These kind of people think Jim Reeves was "not country" enough and some even say that Reeves and Eddy Arnold betrayed the country by "going pop". These narrow minded people will stay that way no mather what you write to them. The fans of Jim Reeves should use their energy on locating "secret" unissued recordings and persuade some company to release them on CD.

One question remains: What is country? Some think the hard-edged sound of Hank, Lefty and Ernest Tubb is what "true country" is all about. The more gentle "country-pop" sound of Jim Reeves and Eddy Arnold is beyond these people's definition of country. To put it simply: my favourites are the artists that these hard-edge country fans reject. I don't care if their music is "pure country" or not; all that matters to me is that my favourite artists made great and pleasant music that has given me and millions of other listeners countless hours of listening pleasure.

The fame of Jim Reeves reaches far beyond the world of country music. Jim Reeves is loved by those don't like or are not interested in country music. Jim belongs among the great names of this century's popular music. In the U.S. many seem to think of Reeves as "one of the country performers", but in Europe and internationally Jim Reeves is far more than that. The best artists are far more popular in Europe and particularly in the UK than they are in the U.S. Besides Jim Reeves that's also the case for Slim Whitman and Don Williams. If I should mention just one artist alongside Jim Reeves, it had to be Don Williams. In some ways he is Jim's successor as the golden-voiced master of intimacy and still he's quite different from Jim. Don Williams' favourite artist is Jim Reeves (did you know that?) and still Don has not recorded any of Jim's songs. I think that's a matter of respect for the uniqueness of Jim Reeves.

Best regards,
--Rune Olav Vetaas (Norway)

Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999 01:41:19 -0500
From: Cathy Locks <>
Subject: About John Bates-

I go to the Jim Reeves listings on ebay regularly. I have been fortunate enough to buy some items related to Jim which for various reasons mean a lot to me. I don't have [a lot of] money to compete with the collectors for some of the things I wish I could buy, but that's life.

I would like to say that of the items I have gotten so far, I have been quite pleased with the quality of the items and the care and service provided by the sellers. Everything has been as advertised, and...everything has arrived in perfect condition thanks to careful packing. I think most fans who go to ebay, if they are careful about what they bid on, will be happy.

But, having said that, I have noticed the strange bidding that you have mentioned on your site. I've put in a bid, and had people take 6 bids to outbid me, then up the bid by a few dollars, and then disappear with a couple of days to go.

I have also seen the CDs that Mr. Bates and others are selling. I do not understand why they believe it is perfectly acceptable to make and sell bootlegs. I also find it difficult to believe that he is selling these bootlegs out of the kindness of his own heart.

For example, the closing bid on "Jim Reeves Sings" was $75.00. The item description was as follows:


You'll notice there is no mention of the CD being a bootleg. If you look at the picture of the CD cover -- "CD-R" can be clearly seen. BUT, not everyone knows what that is, not everyone uses recordable CDs.

All of the albums he and others are copying and selling for profit are copyrighted works. To reproduce and sell them is a criminal act. Why is that so difficult for them to understand? No amount of justifying on their part will change that fact.

I for one applaud the efforts of The Jim Reeves Way Website to protect Jim Reeves' fans from unscrupulous persons dealing in bootleg copies of Jim's albums.

You're doing a great, and I know, difficult job!!

--Cathy Locks

From: "Peter Atkinson" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 22:52:30 +0100

I have just been reading your "Fan Forum" and was shocked to see the [letter] by John Bates, Paul Mason, "Iceman" or whatever other name this [guy] decides to use today. I reported him to the Jim Reeves Fan Club in Holland, ebay and any prospective buyers for "shill bidding" [using these aliases] and offering bootleg copies of "rare" CDs for sale on ebay. Not only does he offer bootlegs without telling possible buyers that they are bootlegs, but he puts a massive reserve price of $50.00 or more to secure his copying costs. Are they copied on gold CDs? To make matters worse he also bids against himself. "Masion2259" and "Iceman210" are one and the same. So this pushes up the price for the true Jim Reeves fan who thinks he may have a "rare" item. But it is only as rare as the time it takes the seller to make another copy -- about 74 minutes! He did not add the letters "CD-R" until I told him he was [dishonest] by not doing so. Then the words appeared like magic.

The U.K. copyright laws are quite clear. You can make a copy for personal use, but not for profit. So, you could make a copy for a friend and charge him only the cost of the materials without breaking copyright rules, but you cannot sell them on for profit. Mr. Bates does not do it because he is a Jim Reeves fan -- he does it for profit.

He challenged you to put his email on your website "as it is honest and to the point and you do not like this do you?" I say his letter is far from honest, and a pack of lies and I challenge you to print my reply.

You know, the sad thing about all this is that this guy is an Englishman, which makes me ashamed of my country.

He is not off the hook yet. Ebay is investigating his activities...

--Peter Atkinson (a lifelong, loyal and true Jim Reeves fan)

Editor's Note: We would all do well to remember that 99% of all Reeves fans are decent, honest people. That's why I feel it's so important to let them know when someone is trying to take advantage of them, as has been happening on ebay and elsewhere lately. Without drawing any conclusions about Mr. Bates' motives, it would appear that he should at least tell people in the descriptions he posts of his merchandise that these are bootleg copies so everybody knows up-front they are not getting commercially licensed (or professionally mastered) copies. -- Julie

From: "john bates" <>
Subject: Re: ref ebay
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 00:46:13 +0100

(Published as received):





(Second email):

the copyrights law are different in the UK it is illegal to copy items and sell them your own country. but if you copy them and sell them just for the cost and time you spend on them to say USA the copyright is not affected. also I have been in trouble e,g from other Jim's fans...but to one complaint I have 10 praises for what I am doing trying to give the normal fans the chance to listen to Jim's great early recordings and at a fair price. and hopefully stop these so call fans selling their so call rare records at ridiculous prices they are the ones cashing on Jim's name not me as I do it just for my expenses and running costs. just look at your trading post this is not for profit but look or email these people who are on there and see there prices like I did. your website is as guilty as I am or the people on ebay are.
everybody is trying to cash in such a great man and a great singer name JIM REEVES


P.S. in my opinion you are all suffering from illusions of grandeur also I guess very much this email will never be put on your website to answer all your questions as it is honest and to the point you do not like this do you ??????

Editor's Note: Thank you for such an articulate letter. A few of your misapprehensions need to be cleared up, however. First, you must be confusing me with Joyce Jackson, who was Jim's secretary and a 30-year employee of Jim Reeves Enterprises. Secondly, none of us has profited from Jim Reeves in any way. I pay the monthly costs to have this site online, and unlike the webmaster of another Reeves site, neither receive nor solicit any monetary contributions from fans. I also don't receive even one cent from anything sold through this site.

With regard to items offered for sale in the Trading Post, the difference is that the items are legitimate, licensed, commercial releases. Also, potential buyers are aware of a fixed price up front and can either choose to buy or decline to buy as they see fit. There is no bidding war conducted by shills using multiple email identities to hike the prices to stratospheric and unreasonable heights, as is the case sometimes on ebay.

Copying a Reeves release for a friend is something that even went on in Jim's day. In fact, in his last published interview the month he was killed, he acknowledged this practice and said he understood. What we have problems with is when certain ebay sellers offer items they claim are "rare," thus implying they were once in commercial release and are now scarce. In these instances all they're offering are homemade dubs that are not up to usual commercial quality standards. Naiive and uninformed fans bid large amounts on these items. That is not fair.

You are not known to make dupes for the mere cost of materials -- you also charge for your time, do you not? Ever hear of International Copyright laws? Selling these items for profit is illegal. Period. -- Julie

Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 03:33:04 -0500
From: Cathy Locks <>
Subject: country voices

[In re the article in "What's News" about Country Music magazine's listing of the 12 greatest country voices and omitting Jim's name]. I think there may be a pattern here. Did you notice what other male singer, who has recorded some of the same songs as Jim, has a much finer voice than several on the list, and who also got on Nashville's nerves by having cross-over hits, taking off the rhinestones, and using violins on his records, is not on the list you posted? Ray Price.

Several of the stars on the list are or were great entertainers, but for voices, you're right, there is something terribly wrong here. Roy Acuff said nobody ever bought a Johnny Cash record because he had a beautiful voice, they bought the records because Johnny had a way of touching them. Johnny himself is probably appalled at this list, as he himself has never claimed to be a great singer. He's made that clear on numerous occasions. He also seems to have thought alot of Jim Reeves.

But what can you expect from a "country" magazine that's published in Connecticut?

--Cathy Locks

Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 13:26:04 -0600
From: Jerry W Hope <>
Subject: Re: Jim Reeves Memorial

I read a few emails recently concerning the condition of the [Jim Reeves] memorial. Just thought I would advise that I passed the Memorial on August 19 and again on September 2. I did not stop as I often pass that way. However I did notice the grass was cut and the site appeared in good repair. They are resurfacing the highway in front of it..

--Jerry Hope (Shreveport, LA)

Editor's Note: Thanks for the info. However, the upkeep on the grounds is not consistent. They usually trim the weeds and mow the grass around the time of Jim's birthday (Aug. 20) and then let it go to seed again. The city of Carhtage informs us that they have received many complaints about this problem. We'll keep our fingers crossed that this situation has been rectified. -- Julie

Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 17:41:31 -0500
From: "Doug Davis" <>
Subject: Country Music Classics

Would like to invite your readers to subscribe to Country Music Classics, a FREE weekly newsletter all about country music from the 1950's thru the 1980's.

To subscribe to my newsletter, e-mail to with the word "Subscribe" in the message.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

--Doug Davis
Country Music Classics

Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 14:43:08 EDT
Subject: (no subject)

I have some old Jim Reeves Albums that belonged to my late father. He loved Jim Reeves so! I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of value of these albums? "According To My Heart" (1960), "The Best of Jim Reeves" (1964), "The International Jim Reeves" (1963), "A Touch of Velvet" (1962), "The Country Side of Jim Reeves" (1962), "Good 'N' Country" (1963), "The Jim Reeves Way" (1965), and "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?"

I know how much they meant to my dad and I would live to keep the Jim Reeves name alive but in case of anything happening to these albums I need the value for insurance purposes. Thanks for your help!!


Editor's Note: A friendly reminder to fans who write me: Please sign your name...

Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 16:37:02 -0700
From: Gary Swanson <>
Subject: Four Walls Tape

Julie, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I recieved my copy of the (free) "Four Walls" videotape. But first and foremost, I want to thank Mr. James Scott (one of the volunteer tape dubbers). He went up and beyond the call of duty. He kept me posted with what was going on with many emails. He is such a nice man! The tape I recieved was of First Class quality. My thanks again go to him!! Secondly, I want to thank you for this web site. It truly is wonderful and I check it daily. Also my thanks to the person who let us all enjoy this wonderful piece of "Jim Reeves" history (Larry Jordan)!

--Gary Swanson

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 15:29:23 EDT
Subject: Jim Reeves' Blue Boys

I'm a huge Jim Reeves fan and collector in Upstate New York. I would love to have more information on the Blue Boys. I'm especially interested in finding out which of his band members are alive and well. I've been lucky enough to have been in correspondence with Leo Jackson recently. He graciously gave me an autograph.

The Blue Boys that I'm aware of to this point:
Leo Jackson -- lead guitar/vocals
Bobby Dyson -- bass
James Kirkland -- bass
Dean Manuel -- piano
Mel Rogers -- drums

I'm well aware that the line up of the band changed over the years. It makes it more difficult to keep track of such info. If you, or any of the fans around the world, can assist me it would be much appreciated. Thank you for keeping Jim Reeves' music alive. You have a GREAT site.

--Your Most Humble Servant, Nathan Parker

Editor's Note: A couple of other band members that come to mind include Bud Logan, who was part of the group at the time Jim was killed, and Henry Strzelecki, who was on the last European tour in April 1964, where he harmonized with Jim during the famed Oslo, Norway performance (which, fortunately, was videotaped). In June 1964, on his final tour which included stops in Texas, Jimmy Orr joined the group.

As for which ones are still alive, there is Leo, Bud, Henry and James Kirkland. I am not sure about Jimmy Orr (maybe someone can tell me?) Bunky Keels and Tommy Hill also played with Jim at various points early on and both are likewise still alive.

From: (William Cox)
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 19:19:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Jim Reeves on Walk of Fame

I just visited the "What's News" page on "The Jim Reeves Way," and read your comments about Patsy Cline getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Jim not yet having one.

Mario Munoz, the fan responsible for Patsy's Star, had worked for several years to reach this goal. It takes an intense lobbying effort for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to consider someone for inclusion. Once they vote on and announce the list of inductees, it takes a hefty layout of cash, acquired through donations, for the star to be installed. The HCOC does not put any money in it, and the person, or family of the person, being honored cannot contribute to the fund.

Once the HCO announced Patsy would be included, it took nearly a year for Mario to raise the funds to have the star installed. I can provide you his address if you would like to contact him for further details.

Getting Jim Reeves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame might be a project for the website to undertake. I know that it involves at least a major letter writing campaign to begin with, and support from Jim's many friends in Nashville would be crucial.

--Bill Cox

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 22:21:51 -0600
Subject: John Rex Reeves

Hi. I was wondering if you could give me any information on John Rex Reeves. I just bought a LP of his called " Introducing John Rex Reeves " 1976, and was wondering if there were any others of John. And if he is still performing and in the music business.

--Cecil Van Gundy

Editor's Note: John Rex tells us that he will soon have his own website up and running, and when he does, I'll provide a link from my site to his. At that time he can tell you more about his recent CD release and also one that's upcoming this Fall. Plus you'll be able to order products through his site.

As to your questions, yes John is obviously still very much in the music business and travels extensively. In fact, he will be hosting a "picking party" in Carthage in August prior to activities scheduled for the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.

John is the first one who will tell you that there will never be another Gentleman Jim. So he doesn't attempt to sound like him. He just makes music in his own way, following his own heart and soul. John is a straight-arrow kind of guy, and you can either take him or leave him.

For those of you who do not know, John Rex Reeves is one of Jim's nephews. Jim bought John his first guitar, and taught him some chords on it. If you've been following the "ebay" auctions online, you know that someone recently offered a John Rex LP for sale claiming it was Jim Reeves' SON. Even after several people emailed the seller, he still refused to correct the mistake.

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 16:53:28 -0700
From: "Robert Such" <>
Subject: RE: Jim Reeves Video

I would like to congratulate you on making public the Jim Reeves video from the Steve Allen show. You are a true credit to the memory of the late and great gentleman Jim Reeves! Thank you. Please keep up the good work. We need you!

The very best,
--Robert Such

From: "rick gavin" <>
Subject: The Late Great Jim Reeves
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 00:56:58 GMT
Mime-Version: 1.0

I am a DJ with AM 1350/1400 in Dade City Fla, and have a country Classics show. I play Jim a lot and get requests for the same. I am also a collector of items belonging to Country Legends. I have things from Hank Williams and George Jones. I would love to add Jim to my collection. I prefer ties as they are easy to store, display and keep safe, but would take anything else. If you would like to sell anything please let me know thank you so much for your time

Rick "RG" Gavin

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 10:38:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brian Sarkisian <>
Subject: Jim Reeves Info

My dad listens to Jim Reeves music. A while ago my dad and mom were in Nashville and went to visit the Jim Reeves Museum. However, when they arrived it was closed.

Was the museum closed for remodeling or for good? Also, if it has been closed for good, is there a new site ?

Any information you could provide would be appreciated.

Thank You
--Brian J. Sarkisian (Adrian, Michigan)

Editor's Note: Sadly, the Jim Reeves Museum will never reopen. The new owner of the Reeves estate has not done anything with Jim's memorabilia beyond warehousing it.

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 11:27:24 +0200
From: Gerrit van der Linden <>

I have fully browsed your web site about Gentleman Jim, and will do it again at least once a week. It truly does deserve an "Excellent" rating. In my opinion, Jim Reeves still has "the million-dollar voice," and it will never be duplicated. I deeply appreciate and love country music; especially Jim Reeves, and I have not been able to, nor have wanted to, stop hearing all of his great music with his "heart-felt" songs.

I have most albums and CD's of Gentleman Jim Reeves. Now I am collecting all photos, newspaper and magazine articles, this with the intention to put them all together in a web watch scrapbook or CD ROM later on.

I would like to ask other Jim Reeves fans to help me with old material and to make the scrapbook as complete as possible. I know there are enough old magazines for sale, but I like to have the Jim Reeves articles only. Feel free to send me your articles in JPEG or Word files, and if you like I will put your name as resource file in the scapbook.

Adios Amigo

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 00:31:08 -0500
From: James Carden <>
Subject: Records

I visited Jim Reeves enterprises in early 1980. At that time I purchased several Jim reeves LP's to add to my collection. Is there anyplace to purchase these anymore?


Editor's Note: A good source that I recommend is Margaret Beeskau. She runs a small mail-order record service from her home in Nashville, and is a good friend. Not only are her prices right, she will also do research for you to track down hard-to-find items. You can contact her by calling 615-833-6525.

Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 11:05:56 -0600
Subject: jim the greatest

It doesn't really matter what people write or say about Jim. People are going believe what ever they want to anyway. He was just a human person, which does make mistakes, we all do. In my opinion he is and was the greatest singer that will ever be. People always wait until someone is gone before they find fault. This is great site for a great man, and you are doing a good job to keep his memory alive. I will also do what I can to help that memory stay alive also. Thanks.

A long time fan
--Bill Clark

Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 00:28:28 EDT
Subject: autographed photo

I'm 47 years old, but when I was a kid I can remember my Dad's Jim Reeves records. Father Time has allowed me to hang on to one of them, my Dad's "He'll Have To Go" album (LPM-2223). At times I'll get out my reprint album, "The Best of Jim Reeves," and have a wonderful sing-a-long session. Thanks to my Mom, I have one special piece of J.R. history. In Pueblo, Colorado at The Silver Saddle Supper Club, in 1954, my parents witnessed a "stage show" with Mr. Reeves and Jim Ed Brown. My Mom came away with an personally autographed 8 x 10 of Mr. Reeves. She told me he signed it right at their table. He wrote, "My best to the Reese kids, very sincerely " and his signature followed. The photo is b & w. Mr. Reeves has his head cocked to the left and he is looking up slightly. He is wearing a light colored cowboy hat, checkered shirt, white tie, and dark western-cut jacket. At the bottom it has his name to the left and Abbott Record Co. on the right. I keep it pressed between a couple of his albums.

Thanks for this site.
--G. Reese (Monument, Colorado)

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 23:47:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Jim's temper

As to Jim being a villain as [Michael] Streissguth attempted to portray (in last Summer's pseudo-biography on Jim), I can't and don't believe it. And you know, as hard as he tried, if you really read what he wrote (and I mean read it better than he himself obviously did!), Streissguth in many places showed that his argument just didn't hold water. For example, he tried to portray Jim as an egotistical prima donna who insisted on special treatment. BUT the people Streissguth quoted said that whatever Jim expected for himself, he insisted his co-stars receive as well. That's not the behavior of a prima donna. By insisting his co-stars receive equal treatment he showed that he wasn't a self-absorbed, self-serving man, but rather a man who knew what was right and not only refused to be walked over himself, but refused to stand by and let it happen to others. That's a fair-minded man, and who could fault him for that?

Neoplatonic philosophers would say that Jim Reeves' inner eye was on the great perfection from which all things come. The idea is complex, and I'm not versed in it enough to get into all the subtle details, but they would say he was driven, because unlike most folks he was gifted with an ability to know and appreciate [the infinite beauty of perfectionism]. It is to Christian minds a concept of God-- as all souls come from Him and seek to return to Him. The perfection of [God] is beyond the ability of mere mortals to match, most can't even perceive it, and so the frustration. Michelangelo was said to have this ability. When he sculpted, he attempted not to form the marble to his own concepts, but to free the figures he saw already trapped inside. In his own mind, he never succeeded, yet who but Michelangelo would find a flaw in the work of Michelangelo?

Here's a couple of lines on the subject from one of my professor's papers:

Some artists, however, were more skilled than others, since they had the ability to perceive harmony and beauty, or an intelleto. "Fine painting is nothing other than a copy of the perfections of God and a remembrance of his painting, and lastly a music and melody which only the intelleto is capable of hearing" (Clements 18). This ability, or intelleto, was a gift from God: "the Idea of Beauty, which is a mirror and a lamp to both my arts, was bestowed on me at birth. Whoever conceives otherwise is mistaken. This Idea alone lifts my eyes to those high visions which I set myself to paint and carve here below" (Blunt 69).

I think the line "... a copy of the perfections of God and a remembrance...a music and melody which only the intelleto is capable of hearing" applied to Jim Reeves. His voice was so exceptional, his drive to perfect his use of it, and to surround the voice with perfect harmonies and instruments-- it's a rare gift. Like Jerry Clower said, "the prettiest voice God ever gave a human being." I think Jim must have had the intelleto, the ability to hear the music as it would be if perfect, and then he tried to re-create it. But that's just my guess. If I'm right, then it explains also the perfectionist in him reaching into all facets of his life and business, for he was more than just a voice, in a way, he was the form in the marble sculpting himself. He wasn't trying to make himself something that he wasn't, he was rather seeking the perfection which was his true self but which our mortal forms are only a corrupt copy of.

But perfectionism does not a villain make. I just wish Streissguth had more brains than God gives the average turnip and had tried to produce a decent book. It's clear from his lazy scholarship that he wasn't seeking-- in spite of his claims otherwise-- to produce a real comprehensive biography. Instead, he chose to worship at the feet of [Alex] Zanetis and produced trash.

I firmly believe the eyes are the windows of the soul; if Jim Reeves was a villain it would have been written on his face. Instead we see the twinkling eyes of a man who must have had an inner joy, sometimes we see a man who is a bit wistful, sometimes-- especially on the pics taken on tour -- we see a man who could use a little sleep. But a villain? No, I don't see that.

Let's face it, no one could have stood to be around the man Stressguth attempted to describe, yet if we look at Jim Reeves' associates, it's clear that here was a man who formed long lasting relationships. Joyce Jackson could have worked elsewhere, Leo Jackson could have worked elsewhere, Chet Atkins might have had to produce the records, but he certainly didn't have to play golf with Jim-- and a bad tempered man is not someone to play golf with! The list goes on and on of people who were in his life for years and did not have to be. This would suggest to any thinking person that Jim Reeves must have been a pretty nice guy. On the back of "Yours Sincerely," Chet Atkins states that Jim was ambitious and aggressive-- hated to be #2 (I think it was the East-Texas pitcher showing!), BUT that he never pushed himself at the expense of others. Streissguth chose to focus on the ambition and aggression, but ignored the self-control, the generous nature, and genuine concern he clearly had for other people.

Take care,

Editor's Note: This letter is a lot longer than I normally post, but anyone who can mention Michaelangelo AND Jerry Clower in the same breath to illustrate Jim's kindly nature deserves to have their ideas considered! -- Julie

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:44:55 EDT

Spent almost my whole day off going through your site! What a pleasure and did I ever learn something! And I thought the man was long gone. maybe the person is, but thanks to dedicated people like you the music will be here for us al to enjoy forever and ever. Thank you and God Bless you for your time and dedication and I will come back often just to see how you progress with the ongoing project!

Thanks again,
--Jack Arnold

Editor's Note: Are we related? Gosh, that's such a nice letter. Thanks. I really appreciate it. -- Julie

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 22:19:14 -0600
From: Rony Jacob <>
Subject: Re: Q&A

Hi. I wanted to know whether Jim Reeves really sang his songs out of his heart? I mean did his songs have resemblance in his life? Whenever he performed stage shows, which of his songs were a real crowd puller? With which song did he end the show usually? I ask these question because I too play his songs on the guitar at a lot of shows in India.

--Rony Jacob

Editor's Note: Yes, Jim sang songs from his heart. In fact, one of his albums even had that title, "Songs To Warm the Heart." Jim would "live with" a song for months before recording it. He had to feel comfortable with it, that it had a message he could relate to. I think it is this sincerity which helped make him so great.

"Danny Boy" was a number that was a show-stopper for Jim and he performed it often, usually at the end of a concert. Also, of course, "He'll Have to Go." The first time he did "Mexican Joe" on the "Louisiana Hayride" radio program, they called him back for several encores.

Anything Jim did was superb, of course. His audiences gave him standing ovations quite frequently, including the night he and Dottie West performed their duets onstage together in Wisconsin.

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 12:25:53 +0200
From: Rune-Olav Vetås <>
Subject: In-concert tapes by Jim Reeves

In an Editor's Note of June 12 you mentioned that there exist some excellent in-concert tapes by Jim Reeves. Do you have some more information on the content of these tapes? Do any of these tapes include songs that Jim had not recorded in the studio or some other special things such as imitations of other artists like he does on the live album "Jim Reeves on Stage"? I think this great live album should be reissued on CD and have sent a request to the company "Soundies" to do so. Regarding those other tapes you know about, do you know if the owners of these tapes want them to be released on CD and if some record company is interested? Since all Jim's studio recordings are available on that big box set, it's really time for the release of some good quality concert recordings.

Best regards,
--Rune Olav Vetaas

Editor's Note: It's hard to know what all is out there, because new material keeps surfacing all the time. Jim was a very prolific artist and traveled extensively worldwide! For instance, one man from the U.S. sent me cassettes of about 70 of Jim's performances on the Friday Nite Frolics and Grand Ole Opry shows. Some of these were the entire shows, including commercials! The sound quality is not very good due to the fact that the tapes have been duplicated so many times, but they are still very enjoyable and give a splendid illustration of how great Jim Reeves was as a vocalist and as a stage personality. In one skit, Jim and his announcer friend T. Tommy Cutrer play a couple of hillbilly sons to June Carter, ala the "Beverly Hillbillies." It is a hysterical sketch. In two other instances, Jim hosts Patsy Cline, and they kid back and forth. Can you imagine hearing a show where these two wonderful voices are featured?

The technology exists to "clean up" the audio on these tapes to commercial standards, if anyone had the ambition.

Also, of course, there are professionally-recorded in-concert performances that U.S. fans have not heard. For example, one album was recorded live with a German orchestra while Jim was on tour with Bobby Bare, Chet Atkins and the Anita Kerr singers. Jim sings "Four Walls" and "He'll Have To Go", as well as several other numbers. It's a kick to hear how these familiar songs sound with a Big Band arrangement, complete with clarinets! The sound quality is very good. This master is owned by BMG, which would rather keep re-releasing and re-releasing and re-releasing and re-releasing the same old same old same old retreads rather than do anything creative.

Then there are the bootleg performances that have been circulating among fans. I myself have heard Jim singing "I Can't Stop Loving You" somewhere in Europe, and would love for somebody to send me a better copy (mine is rather foggy). He also banters with the audience and is very funny, remarking that he had been asleep in his hotel room only 15 minutes earlier when the phone rang and they said "You're on!" He asked the audience "How do I sound?" He teased them that he had nothing prepared. They began shouting out requests. He does an impromptu version of the famous Don Gibson song. (When he got home from tour he went into the studio and recorded the song).

There are also such things as Jim singing "Deep within my heart lies a melody, a song of old San Antone..." That famous Texas anthem was NEVER recorded by Jim in the studio. Yet a good quality tape exists.

Ever hear Jim yodel? He does so on a live performance recorded at a celebration in Jimmie Rodgers' hometown.

There is even an expanded version of the album "Yours Sincerely, Jim Reeves" most fans have not heard. The European release contained about twice as much dialog from Jim as what us U.S. fans got. Why this was cut down so much when it was released here is beyond comprehension.

Various fans also have live concert tapes of Jim appearing in such places as Canada.

There are Jim's TV appearances -- so many Mary said she had enough to do six or eight home videos. And then there were the radio transcriptions for Armed Forces radio AND Jim's own daily, one-hour radio show, on which he performed many songs that he never cut at RCA. He was backed by Owen Bradley's orchestra and the arrangements are superb. Sixty-five of those shows exist, just waiting to be mined.

Rumor even has it that a tape was made the night Jim performed at Carnegie Hall! We do know, of course, that Mary had a tape of him singing with the big Nashville Symphony. Again, it's never seen the light of day. Outrageous, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the people who have possession of these things are either incredibly selfish and/or out of touch with reality. They don't have a clue as to the worldwide interest that still exists in this incomparable singer, or the money they could make doing something with it. So they sit on this stuff as the years go by and Jim's artistry is lost to the ages.

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 12:39:53 -0400
Subject: looking for a compilation of gospel plus

I am a recent immigrant from Jamaica, W.I. who is a huge fan of the legendary Jim Reeves. I am looking for a compilation of is hits which includes both gospel and country to give to my mom, who introduced me to this artist. (Her vinyls of him were destroyed some years ago and are yet to be replaced.) Any suggestions from his many fans would be appreciated. I am interested in any collection that would include these hits: "Am I Losing You?", "I Can't Stop Loving You", "Guilty", "He'll Have to Go", "Just Out of Reach", "We Thank Thee", "It Is No Secret", "Roses Are Red", "Am I That Easy To Forget", "Take My Hand Precious Lord", and "Adios Amigo." I am not able to afford his box set which I am sure would have them all, so I am hoping that there is at least one- pre compiled collection of his that includes the above songs. Someone told me that some company has been running late night ads about a collection that might include the above collection via an 800 number. Any ideas as to a compilation or about this number for a Jim Reeves compilation?.

--Karen Gayle

Editor's Note: Maybe somebody out there has a suggestion...

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 06:31:47 -0400
From: Al Stevens <>
Subject: A Jim Reeves Fan....forever

Thanks for taking time out to answer messages concerning the man we all adore and love. I first heard the "velvet voice" of Jim Reeves while my father was taking my grandfather home after visiting us back in the late 950's. Jim had just released the smash "He'll Have To Go" and we heard it on the radio. I didn't know who that was singing, but I was captivated by his voice, and this relationship grew. I found out who it was, bought the single, then started a collection of "LP's" and now CD's. I remember vividly sitting in a cafeteria at Travis AFB (California), when I heard Jim's (and Dottie West's) version of "Love Is No Excuse". I was 35 minutes late returning to work (and caught the devil for it) because I just had to have that record. I dashed off base to a record shop, bought the single....and wore it out.

I saw Jim in Germany for the first time live. I was playing rhythm guitar with a country western band headed by Don Mills... Jim was as genuine in person as he appeared to be on stage; there was no "fake" attached to Jim Reeves. was shocked to hear of his untimely death, July 31, 1964. I was getting ready to be deployed to Tripoli, North Africa (which sure beat going to Viet Nam where 98% of the people were going).

I had the opportunity to see the movie "Kimberley Jim" and have been looking for a copy of it since I have retired from the USAF in 1983 and started collecting movies. To date, I have over 800 movies in my collection, including a compilation of Jim, Marty Robbins, and Ernest Tubb. I would be very interested in knowing where I could obtain "ANY" Jim Reeves videos, including "Kimberley Jim", if it is available and can be shipped to a German address. I retired and stayed here in Germany where I call Square Dances professionally. Some say that I am the "Jim Reeves" of square dance callers in Europe, however we both know that there is only "one" Jim Reeves, don't we?

Again, thanks for your time, and hope to someday hear from you regarding an address where I can obtain CD's and/or video's of Jim's work.

A truly dedicated Jim Reeves fan....
--Al Stevens, Durmersheim, Germany

Editor's Note: The Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville, Tenn. has two videos you'd enjoy -- the "Kimberley Jim" movie plus a tape called "Gentleman Jim." The latter is a British biography on Jim of sorts. They leave a lot out, and there are some misstatements, but at least you get to see and hear Jim perform live. You also get to see Joyce and Leo Jackson as well as Chet Atkins, among others, reminisce about Jim. You can find a like to the ET Record Shop on my "Links" page. I know they ship worldwide.

Incidentally, today I bought a video compilation of TV performances by the great Nat "King" Cole. Aside from Jim Reeves, Nat was my favorite balladeer -- with his silky smooth voice. I thought as I watched this tape how fortunate music lovers were in the 1950s and '60s to be able to turn on their televisions and see such greats like Jim and Nat perform some absolutely gorgeous music. I doubt that most "younger" music fans have any idea how really fabulous these guys were. Their voices were just simply first-class, and their personalities so warm and genuine. Ironically, they both died within a year of each other. What do we have nowadays? Garth Brooks? That statement alone should remind you of how badly things have gone downhill in terms of music!

If only the new owner of the Reeves estate would get busy and release some video performances by Jim! There are many outstanding ones that most fans have never seen. The one attempt a few years ago to release something called "Golden Memories" (when Mary was already sick) was an ill-fated project because the replication of the material was so poor. (Some collectors have far better copies than were used in this video release).

Given today's electronic enhancement capabilities, Jim's video performances could be packaged very easily if only someone had the intelligence to do it.

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 13:00:13 EDT
Subject: jim reeves last five songs

Jim recorded one song before his death that sounded almost like a goodbye -- almost as if he knew he was leaving us. Would it be possible to have a list of his last 5 songs?


Editor's Note: You may be referring to "This Is It" where within the song Jim also does a narrative in which he says, "Well, even the clock has stopped. Somehow I guess it knew that time's run out for's's all through. Yes, this is it. You're gone. You're free. You'll find another love, but this is it for me." Another song that falls into this category is "Is It Really Over?", in which he sings "is this the end of the line?" The song that was released as a single in the U.S. immediately following Jim's loss was "I Won't Forget You." In this he sings "I know that I won't forget you, for I've loved you too much for too long. Though you don't want me know, I'll still love you...till the breath in my body is gone." While the first two songs I mentioned were from his last recording sessions, "I Won't Forget You" had actually been a rather obscure album cut that Reeves had done a couple of years before but which had enjoyed such success in the UK that RCA decided it to release it as a single domestically as well.

Did Jim have some sort of premonition that the end was near? The answer is yes -- definitely. Some eery things happened in the days and weeks preceding Jim's death, including on both Wednesday and Thursday just before he left on his fatal trip. The details will be forthcoming in the new biography on Jim released a little later this year.

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 11:33:19 -0600
From: "Ann Morris" <>
Subject: Reeves memorabilia

It is the opinion of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in Carthage, Texas, that they have a very good display on Jim Reeves. Some of the items include: the black suit Jim wore on several album covers; a pictorial history of Jim's early days with this family, high school graduation, and baseball career; a brown suit donated by friends of the Reeves family; a guitar bought by Jim and given to his nephew; an original "Kimberley Jim" poster, lobby cards, records, albums; hundreds of promotional souvenirs from over the years -- some autographed; the gold record "He'll Have To Go"; and much more. The museum feels it has a fitting tribute to native Panola County son Jim Reeves. We invite everyone to our museum to judge for themselves.

--Ann Morris

Editor's Note: I would invite you to send me some pictures so we can feature them on the web. Obviously, Jim's fans are disappointed that the Reeves museum in Nashville has been closed, and are probably comparing your exhibit to that one. Needless to say, Jim's widow Mary had a lifelong collection of artifacts to display. Most people I've talked with think that your area is, indeed, THE place where a tribute to Jim should be established and I for one applaud your efforts and wish you the very best.

It's unfortunate that no arrangements could be made to bring the James Newberry collection to Carthage. It is no secret that negotiations broke down a few years ago and still no permanent location has been found for this priceless material. As visitors to this website can see for themselves (by clicking here), Mr. Newberry has an impressive accumulation of exceedingly rare items that chronicle Jim's life.

Is there any chance Carthage would be willing to re-open negotiations? At present, as I understand it, the Newberry material is in professional storage and hence inaccessible to fans. -- Julie

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 01:21:17 -0500
From: Jerry W Hope <>
Subject: Jim Reeves

I have spent the past hour perusing your Jim Reeves site. I have really enjoyed it. I live in Shreveport and feel a closeness to the
"Hayride" and its stars. My dad was a childhood (thru post high school) very close friend of Horace Logan. I have Horace's book, but haven't read it. My dad was also a friend of Johnny Horton. We used to shoot skeet with him. I was 13 when Johnny died and because he was my childhood hero, I took that very hard. I am now as passionate about his material and memeory as you are of Jim's. I have much material of Johnny's that is unreleased. Quite a bit of stuff that Bear doesn't have in their
extensive set.

I am also a big fan of Jim Reeves. While I do not have any unique material of his I enjoy what I have. I played your cut of "Tahiti" (in the "What's News" section, available in streaming RealAudio format). I have not heard that before. Where is it available ? Was it a studio cut or an overdubbed demo?

I will probably get the Bear set now that you have inspired me. However I remember talking to Joyce Jackson right after the set was released. She told me that all of Jim's known recordings are on that set. (I couldn't afford it at the time, I am on disability from the police department here). Now I hear from Bear that the AFRS transcriptions are not part of the original Bear set. Looking at the BEAR website, it seems that much of the material on the AFRS set is by artists other than Jim. How many are actually him singing?

I ate at a a small catfish restaurant (Big Pine Lodge) in Karnack, Texas tonite, and they have two records by John Rex Reeves (they have been on the jukebox there for at least 20 years that I know of).

Where can I get the BEST price on the Bear sets on Jim??

Thanks for the site, I really enjoyed it. I used to ride my motorcycle from Shreveport to the Blue Ridge Parkway every October. I always stopped by the Jim Reeves Museum and enjoyed visiting with Mary &/or Joyce. I remember talking to Mary about getting "Kimberley Jim" back before it was available on video. Finally she got it. I carried it a week in my saddle bag before I got home to watch it. I am sorry to hear of her plight.

I didn't mean to ramble on, it isn't often that I get to talk to someone who remembers real country music.

--Jerry Hope

Editor's Note: To answer some of your questions: "Tahiti" was recorded at RCA in Studio B and was originally released on the "International Jim Reeves" vinyl LP in 1963. It can also, of course, be found on the Bear Family 16-CD compilation. The best price is Margaret Beeskau, at 615-833-6525. As for the latest Bear Family 4-CD release, "Radio Days," the set contains shows Jim did for the Air Force. Included are some of the guest stars, although Jim actually performs MOST of the songs. There are even several versions of some of them, like "He'll Have To Go." (Scroll down the "What's News" page to find out more, or visit the "Recordings" area of this website).

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 00:08:27 -0500
From: Lynn <>
Subject: Jim

I enjoyed the information on Jim Reeves. I live about 8-10 miles of whereJim was born and about 30 miles from where he grew up. My dad recalls seeing his sister in town (Logansport,La.} quite often back in the 1960s. He was truly one of the greats. A lot of talent came from around this area.

Keep up the good work.
--Lynn Stephens

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:21:00 -0500
From: "Dan Johnson" <>
Subject: Jim Reeves - Studio Musicians

I recently had an opportunity to sing "Four Walls" with an old time country group out in Idaho. Just before singing the song I was informed that the piano player had been the studio piano player/musician on some of Jim Reeves albums including "Four Walls". I'm not sure of the spelling on his name, but believe it to be Don Curry. Don is a very accomplished pianist who appears to be in his late 60's

Do you know if there are any references or listings available on the various studio musicians used on various Jim Reeves albums, and/or can you confirm if Don Curry is in any of the credits or references?

I have been a fan of Jim Reeves all my life and this was somewhat of a thrill for me so I wanted to confirm it. Any information you can provide would be very much appreciated.

--Dan Johnson

Editor's Note: Floyd Cramer played piano on the "Four Walls" session on February 7, 1957. Over the years Floyd worked on many of Jim's sessions, with Bill Pursell handling a lot of the later ones. Occasionally, such as when Pursell was pressed into service to play the vibes (as when Jim recorded "I Guess I'm Crazy," "Angels Don't Lie" and "This Is It", for instance), famed musician Hargus "Pig" Robbins tickled the ivories. Anita Kerr even handled this chore one time. On the second to the last session Reeves had on July 2, 1964, Jerry D. Smith was the keyboard player, with Pursell handling the late-night session which was to be Jim's final time in the RCA studio. I may have overlooked something, but I could find no mention of anyone named Don having played piano for Jim. Perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong. -- Julie

From: "Janet Demoney" <>
Subject: Questions About Jim & Mary
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:48:02 -0500

Hi! Do you know if Jim Reeves played for the Marshall High School Team? We know that he was from Carthage, but in the Opry Land Museum, I think that it had memorabilia from Marshall High, too. Also, it had things from Mary's high school. What high school did she attend? Was it Elysian Fields High? (These are small towns close to Carthage, TX)

--Margie and Janet in Marshall,TX

Editor's Note: Those are GREAT trivia questions! Let's pose them to our website visitors and see who can answer them! -- Julie

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:39:00 EDT
Subject: TNN feature of Jim Reeves

I was born three years after the tragic death of Jim Reeves. I grew up at a time when country music was not popular among kids my age, but from the first time I heard Jim Reeves sing, I fell in love with the smoothest baritone voice I have ever heard.

I became fascinated with the man and his music. When I was about 10 years old a lady in our church heard that I liked Jim Reeves. She had grown up in the 1950's and 60's and was also an ardent fan -- and she bestowed an act of kindness toward me that I will never forget. She loaned me her entire Jim Reeves collection -- which included nearly every RCA Victor LP Jim had recorded. I listened, I cried and was deeply touched with some of the greatest music ever recorded.

There will never be another Jim Reeves, and I don't believe that anyone could appreciate him and his music any more than I.

I was amazed when I discovered your website that there are still millions of Jim Reeves fans around the world. I appreciate your devotion to "our" favorite singer.

I have one complaint. The country music genre today as a whole has lost its class and dignity. It seems there is nothing but conformity, basically everyone sounds the same and great artists from the past who are still living have been ostracized from the Nashville scene. And, it seems that when Jim is mentioned in a positive light, his music presented to thousands who knew nothing of it on TNN, so many of Jim's fans are still unsatisfied. It is never enough!

I believe that Jim was a believer in Jesus Christ. As such, I know he never sought worship -- he simply sought to share his God-given gift of music with the world -- and he did. Jim Reeves worshipped Jesus, not Jim!


Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 20:11:31 -0600
From: Jerry Andersson <>
Subject: Great Site

About 10 years ago a friend of mine and I visited Nashville. I was happy to find the Jim Reeves Museum, which I hadn't heard of before. We went there and were shown around the museum by a most charming lady. There was a small problem with a film showing Jim doing one of his songs. She was very eager to get some help to get the film working, as "two gentlemen have come all the way from Sweden." I can't remember what song it was, but could it have been "Blue Side of Lonesome"?

In the shop we had the great honour to meet Mary Reeves. She was very nice and took a long time talking to us. A great experience for any of Jim's fans. She told me there was some unreleased material left. Nothing very good, but some of it would be worth releasing. Have you got any idea of what songs Mary might have been talking about?

You are doing a superb job with the page. Sometimes I wonder if you don't give the critics too much publicity. We who love Jim's music don't need to be convinced. I can easily understand your frustration seeing some of the things, but to keep to the positive would perhaps help everyone.

--Jerry Andersson

Editor's Note: There are reportedly 8 to 10 studio-quality songs, plus a number of unreleased overdubs that we haven't heard. And of course some live material like Jim singing with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra as part of their "concerts in the park" series. There are also some excellent in-concert tapes which exist, although some (such as two recorded in Canada) are still only in private hands. Keep in mind also there are scores of "unreleased" alternate takes on many of Jim's songs.

As for some of the sadder things you find on this website -- such as what's happened to Mary -- up until now, most fans of Jim's around the world have been completely unaware of what's gone on in Nashville in recent years. Judging from the encouraging response I receive on a regular basis from scores of people who say they're interested, I think it's important to keep everyone informed as best I can.

Thanks for writing!

From: (Neil Boyce)
Subject: Jim's Unreleased Songs
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 00:34:36 +1000

I saw in the What's News section that you wanted to know if people would like to hear Jim's unreleased material. I for one would be very pleased to hear any of Jim's songs, or even different takes, that I have not heard before, having been a fan of his since the 1950's. I'm sure plenty of other fans out there would feel the same way.

--Neil Boyce (Sydney, Australia)

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 16:19:20 -0500
From: "Jim/Peggy Karstens" <>
Subject: Website

Thanks for such a wonderful website tribute to Jim Reeves! He's always been my favorite artist and it's a delight to learn so much about his life and career.

It's sad to read of Mary's condition, but hopefully this will change for the better.

Thanks again and please keep up your good work.

--Jim Karstens

Date: 8 Jun 99 20:52:52 PDT
Subject: Mary

I just read your article on Mary's demise and I just cried. It is SO SAD. Poor Mary doesn't deserve to live that way, and think what Jim would do if he knew. He probably does know, looking down from above, but is helpless.

It's a dirty, rotten shame that the wrong people have control of everything. The only consolation is that they have to live with their conscience, if they have any. I asked [a friend who visits Mary regularly] once in an e-mail question if they had Jim's music for Mary to listen to, but she answered that in the negative.

It all needs to be brought out into the open and you seem to be the selected person to do that.

--Doris Gath

Editor's Note: Website visitors may be interested to know that Doris Gath and her husband Elmer were close personal friends of Jim and Mary Reeves for many years. Doris served as one of Jim's first fan club representatives from her home state, and the two couples not only got together socially but also exchanged many personal letters. Jim even proposed adopting one of the Gaths' children!

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 00:09:03 -0400
From: Cathy <>
Subject: Mary's care

I'm confused. I know nothing about how things are done in Tennessee being from Virginia and living in Georgia and every state has its own peculiar rules and regulations. But I have two great aunts in a nursing home in Virginia and the facility they are at is able to give them the care they need -- even if they cannot get immediate authorization from family.

What I'm confused about is how two Medicare recipients (my great aunts) can receive better care than one millionaire (Mary Reeves Davis). It's unbelieveable.

In all seriousness, if Mary's teeth are allowed to go without treatment, it could be fatal. Untreated cavities can absess; if they break open in the gum the infection can spread to the brain.

Also, if she is constantly sitting in a chair that doesn't fit her, she is probably rubbing her skin on the areas of her body that contact the chair, which leads to sores kept covered by her clothing. Elderly people often have thin skins, they are very prone to infections, and it is unfortunately all too common for nursing home patients to become seriously ill and even die due to bed sores. If you know anyone who visits her who is willing and able to do so, they should try to check her back and hips for sores. Untreated sores can go all the way to the bone.

As to her hand, the home she is in ought to at the very least be able to keep her nails trimmed enough so that she cannot dig her skin, or wrap an ace bandage -- not tight -- around the area her fingers contact. Surely these cannot be considered to be treatments so much as common sense, preventive measures, and humanitarian gestures for another human being who is bound to be suffering even if she cannot express her pain.

Again, if one of her visitors is willing and able, they should video tape or photograph her condition and the condition of her room to present as evidence in court.

I certainly do not want to see Mary end that way, but [it would seem] the people who are supposed to love her and care for her are just waiting for her to die. How they can live with themselves is beyond me.

Take care and keep up the good work. Mary is very lucky to have devoted friends like you in these times... And at least she also has Lani Arnold.


From: "PAUL.D.MASON" <>
Date: Wed, 2 June 1999 23:39:36 +0100
Subject: Jim's Ireland tour

Can you please settle a long disagreement about where were Jim Reeves and the Blue Boys in the month of June 1963? Please tell me if [they] were in Ireland north or the Republic in June 14, 1963. If so, can you tell me what venues and dates? This information will very valuable to me.

Thank you,

Editor's Note: I referred your question to Larry Jordan, author of the forthcoming new biography on Jim. His preliminary check of contracts Jim had with promoters showed that on June 14, 1963, Jim was scheduled only to play an American Base in Alconbury, the U.K. -- Julie

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