Reeves Collector James Newberry
Praises New VoiceMasters Release
as being "truly magnificent"


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Dear Larry,

I feel compelled to write regarding the new CD "There's Someone Who Loves You". But first I have an opening comment to make. As you know, I don't like fan forums and in sending this letter to you, I have not changed my opinion. If you choose to print it, you have my authorization to print it wherever you wish on your own website as long it is not construed that I am writing to a fan forum.

For those readers who may not know of my earlier years, I am one of the old time fans who knew Jim Reeves and played his records when I was a disc jockey.

I will endeavor to give you my limited critique of this new release. From the outset, I will tell you or anyone that it is the greatest release of Jim Reeves material to come to the marketplace in decades. Regardless of the singing style that you prefer, if you are a dedicated Jim Reeves fan, there's truly something in the mix for everyone.

I will comment only on a few songs contained in this CD and start with my least favorite. Having said that, I will preface why it is not one of my favorites. It is track #7, "Four Walls." At one point in my career path I owned a recording studio and produced a radio show that dealt exclusively in the use of old material. Much of it was taken from old radio transcriptions. I can surmise the difficult task they experienced with "Four Walls." If you listen to the arrangement they have put to this beautiful song, it still becomes quite enjoyable.

My favorites are too numerous to mention from "Read This Letter", "It's Nothin' To Me", "Subconscious Mind", "Crying In My Sleep", "How Many Tears From Now", "Overnight" and the beautiful hymn "An Evening Prayer."

In this collection I realized that the material is coming from radio transcriptions, tapes and I am sure in one case a metal-backed acetate was used, for I have been aware of the song's existence for awhile now. It is not just the new material, it is the skillful blending and overdubbing of the new releases with the old that makes this collection so remarkable.

"If Heartache is the Fashion" has to be one of the most beautifully arranged and delivered songs by Jim Reeves that I have ever heard. It truly conjures up all of those wonderful memories I have from seeing Jim perform at The Flame in Minneapolis to the Ozarks in Missouri, not to forget my days in the United States Marine Corps when I saw Jim perform at Tex Ritter's Townhall Ranch Party in Compton, California and a lot of places north and south and in between.

I would also like to show my appreciation for your very detailed booklet that comes with the CD. Again, it brought back tremendous memories as I read all the information that was published about Jim, and it is also very informative as to how the CD was compiled.

Finally, there has been a lot said by a number of people regarding the proposed book that you have been writing. As you know, the editor you are using is known to me. Over four years ago, I had the opportunity to read several chapters of the manuscript and found them very interesting and informative. At that time, I had introduced you to key people who were involved in the Jim Reeves career path. I personally completed an interview with Tommy Hill, and others, which will be represented in your book. I also turned over copies of endless letters, performance contracts, diaries, memos and so on. On one occasion alone, I forwarded to you in excess of 500 pages of copies of priceless Jim Reeves material for your use.

I can verify and confirm that you are and have been writing a book for several years. Unless something happens to you personally and your estate chooses not to have it released, I fully believe the book is forthcoming. As is the case with any biography, there will be those who will like it, and those who will not. I have talked to a great many people known to me in Nashville who have granted interviews to you for the Jim Reeves biography. Obviously, there are many, many others that I dont know personally who have given you interviews. Many are family members and others are from Jim's hometown of Carthage and surrounding area. I know there are people throughout his career path that you have interviewed; that information has gotten back to me.

In the past I have encouraged you to take your time and write what I hope will be the definitive book on this great artist. I continue to do so. With the research that you have done, I for one look forward to the finished product.

There are many things that have occurred over the last number of years relating to the legacy of Jim and Mary Reeves that I am not happy with. Most of them are very unfortunate. But try as you might, what is done is done and we cant turn the clock back. It is time for all new and old fans of Jim Reeves around the world to continue to appreciate the timeless style of his magnificent voice, and enjoy all new material that has come into our hands whether it be from Bear Family, VoiceMasters, his record label, or any source, be it video or audio on tape, records, DVDs or CDs. Enjoy the music.

For my part, I will be meeting with Charles Thomas, Tommie Ritter Smith and others in Carthage to celebrate the new Jim Reeves wing at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. As an act of good faith, I have put on loan all the KGRI radio equipment, and other items to the new Jim Reeves wing. But more importantly, while in Carthage I will continue to explore all avenues regarding building an appropriate and lasting tribute to Gentleman Jim Reeves, hopefully in his home town!

Any and all people who had a creative part in this wonderful album of music, "Jim Reeves Theres Someone Who Loves You" are to be congratulated. It is truly magnificent.

Sincerely yours,

James Newberry