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Some years ago, now, I received, quite out of the blue, a letter from Mary in which she was immensely pleased at what she described as 'a wonderful article' by me on Jim. I had not sent her a copy but she had taken the trouble to contact Country Music People [magazine] who forwarded her letter which I still have.

At that time, Mary used to visit England on a regular basis to do radio interviews to promote Jim's music. I was flattered that she wanted me to come to her hotel in London. I didn't go down, not because I didn't want to, but because my parents were against a trip on my own (I was very young then!).

I finally got to meet Mary at the museum in 1988. This was the first of three consecutive visits to Nashville. She came and introduced herself and always made me very welcome thereafter. In fact Mary extended an open invitation to the museum which, looking back, I wished I'd taken greater advantage of. Mary always allowed me to go on the tour of the museum free of charge.

Although she was a little wary of the fact that I was a 'writer', Mary recognised that I was equally, if not more so, a 'fan'. By making herself available at the museum on a daily basis, Mary answered fans' questions as best she could and created a congenial atmosphere. Mary recognised that she was the closest fans could get to Jim. Anyone who got to know her will be familiar with her infectious laugh. In fact one friend said he always told her jokes down the 'phone to hear her trademark laugh!

On one occasion Mary shared her lunch with me. But the biggest thrill was when she and Terry came in their Rolls Royce to take me out to dinner. You should have seen the faces of the guests at the (now defunct) Capital Park Inn. They wondered who Mary and Terry could be and who I was to warrant such attention.

The last time I saw Mary was in Carthage in 1995. It was very sad to witness her deterioration from the robust, chirpy and friendly museum host of only a few years before. Mary could be tough: if she felt that some project did not come up to her standards she would adopt a resolute stance. At heart, she wanted to protect Jim's memory and his musical legacy.

After 1990 we lost touch with each other, but I was gratified to learn from a Nashville writer that she considered I was a 'gentleman'. Like so many others, I will miss you Mary. After all the troubles of your final years, I truly hope you are now at peace with Jim and the Lord.

--Steve Morewood, England

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Mary when I worked at KGRI Radio in Henderson, Texas in the early 80's. She never forgot my name even though it was about 6 years later when my wife, Susan, and I got the chance to visit Jim's Museum in Nashville. Mary took the time personally to show us around and was genuinely glad to see us.

Being East Texas folks, we have always felt a special bond with Jim and Mary. My personal goals when I was a kid was to grow up and be a Country singer and KGRI Disc Jockey just like Jim. I am fortunate that I have got to do both these and would not trade the experience for anything in the world.

I continue to do my little part to keep Jim Reeves alive in all our performances, and I know he will live forever. And definitely, so will Mary.

--Don Lummus, Henderson, Texas

Please send my sympathy to the family Mary thanks for all from the Netherlands.

--H. Sloots, the Netherlands

It's been nearly 6 weeks since I last visited the website. Like the many who have expressed their thoughts about Mary I too am shocked and saddened. Mary wrote back to me some 6 years ago when I sent a letter to her, vaguely addreesed to Jim Reeves Enterprises Nashville. She was largely responsible to Jims' continued success.

--Roger Christiansz, Australia

What can you say about Jim, that hasn't already been said? There is no other and will never be. when we go on vacation, we take nothing but Jim's tapes. Once you've had the best, there is no rest. Jim and Mary may be gone in body, but their spirit we be with us until the end of time.

Bill Clark, Louisville, KY USA

Gentleman Jim and Mary have been part of our lives [my wife Mary & children] ever since I first heard "I Love You Because." Now both have gone, "Home" beyond the "Blue Skies", the place "Where We'll Never Grow Old" and "The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees" remind us of "The World You Left Behind." Let us continue to keep the memory of Gentleman Jim & Mary as much as we have done from whenever we first became fans or friends .

'Sincerely Yours'
A[Dolfie]Griebler, UK

I was visiting your page when I got a shock from learning of the death of Mary. I am a great fan of Jim Reeves. Could you please send me some more information on her death?

Robert Marimba <>

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Mary. However, it is also very good to know that she no longer has to endure what she had to in recent years. God is great in that He took her home to her Beloved Jim. May Jim and Mary rest in God's Grace & Loving Arms Together Once Again. My deepest Condolences to all the White & Reeves Family and other of Mary's Friends.

--Claudia Wolfe <>

"God's keeping the night watch for you and for me!"

--Robert Wagner <>

Dear Julie, On behalf of the members of the PatsyClineFans2 mailing list, I want to extend my deepest, heartfelt condolences to the White and Reeves families on the passing of Mary Reeves.

Mary did so much to insure the legacy of Jim Reeves, we owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude. Thanks to her efforts, Jim Reeves will continue gathering thousands of new fans for many years to come. I'm so very sure that Mary and Jim are enjoying a wonderful reunion in heaven.

Bill Cox, Tennessee <>

Dear Julie...What a very sad piece of news you brought us about the death of Mary Reeves. Mary did so much to keep Jim's name alive, so that we, his millions of fans around the world could continue to enjoy his glorious "smooth as velvet" voice and meaningful songs. His music has been a part of my life for the past 40 years, both as a teenager in England and here in Canada. I was totally devastated when he died.

My sincere condolences go to the family and friends of Mary and Jim, we shall miss her, just as we miss him, but will console ourselves with the knowledge that they are together again.

In closing this note, I would like to thank you Julie, for setting up this wonderful website so that Jim's fans can keep abreast of his memory and music. I did find "that other site" but really, was not too impressed, therefore was thrilled to find yours.

--Maggie Buck <>

It was hard for me to have Jim go and now the woman that helped him and stood by him now is there with him, forever. I will always play, sing, and enjoy Jim's music, for the rest of my life.

--Robert E. Donahue <>

Oh Julie...I'm not saddened by the news of Mary's death because I feel she has been released from a tragic existence. I really loved Mary, and I can think that now she's with Jim and is happy again.

I will always remember with warm pleasure and gratitude the short but sweet time I spent with Mary in May 1995. She was a dear and sweet lady who came to such a tragic end as did Jim. They will both be close to my heart forever.

Betty Bendig, Willoughby, Ohio <>

Thank you very much that you give us the opportunity to bring our condolences to Mary Reeves. I would like to bring my sincerest condolences to the family, friends and all fans over the world. I had the pleasure to met Mary in 1992.There is no doubt, she was the woman who honors and keeps the name of JIM REEVES alive.

Gerrit van der Linden

Thank you so much for keeping us all informed on latest developments concerning Mary. I feel, I guess like many others, though her death is such a great loss, that maybe she is now at peace, and hopefully with Jim. My mother has a saying that comes to mind concerning Terry Davis: God pays his debts without money. And I hope this is so. Thank you again.

Thank you, Mary, for keeping Jim's spirit alive in so many millions of fans through the release of his songs after his death.

You are but away, asleep,
So let us not begin to weep
Your spirit is with loved ones and the Lord,
Where death has no victory.

Kerry Edwards, Canberra, Australia <>

May it comfort Mary's family to realize that her life was richer and brighter because of her love for Jim. With Heartfelt Sympathy in the loss of a dear friend.

Eimbert van den Oetelaar, Holland <>

I got to meet Mary several times, during my trips to Nashville. No one worked any harder to keep Jim's memory alive. My hat's off to Mary, a warm and very sweet person. Thanks Mary and we'll miss you. May God bless you, and I know you're with Jim now.

--Bill Clark <>

I was so sad until I remembered that Mary must be so happy to be with her Jim again.

--Wanda Stinson <>

On behalf of all Jim Reeves fans and friends of Mary Reeves in England, I would like to express our sadness to hear of her passing. She, like Jim, was well loved and admired here in England, and will be sadly missed. On behalf of myself and David Bussey, former Jim Reeves Fan Club president in the U.K., I would like to express our sympathies to Mary's family and friends, including Joyce Jackson, Leo Jackson, and Tom and Billie Perryman. Both myself and David spent several visits with Mary who, with the help of Joyce and Tom, always found the time to escort us around Nashville, give interviews, and keep the flame burning for Gentleman Jim. His international success continued because of her efforts, and of course his timeless voice.

With fondest wishes,

--Tony Wall and David Bussey, England

I can't think of a better way to memorialize Jim and Mary than to pass his music on to the next generations of music lovers.... Thanks for the work on the project and best wishes.

Leon Wells <>

Mary Reeves was a special friend to me. Through knowing Mary my life has been truly blessed. THANK YOU MARY FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP THROUGH THE YEARS. YOU WILL BE IN MY HEART FOREVER!!

-- Tom Kirby <>

With love and deep respect, I will miss you.

James Newberry

Mary, you may now walk once again with Jim and with the angels. Goodnight and God Bless.

--Peter Atkinson <>

Dear Julie: I was so saddened to learn of the passing of a dear person, Mary Reeves. She and Jim were special people in our lives for over 40 years and now the cycle is complete. They are together again and Jim can again sing "My Mary" to his Mary. Thanks for keeping his and Mary's memory alive, hopefully forever.

Doris Gath (Magnolia, MN.)

We were saddened to hear the news that Mary had passed away,please send our condolences to Mary's family,she will now be at peace with Jim.

Marion &David Thatcher, England <>

"May the good Lord bless and keep you 'til we meet again..."

Together again and forever....

--James Scott <>

With painful sadness I read your news about Mary. As much as it pains me I am happy tonight that Mary's suffering is over. Tonight in heaven is a wonderful re-union that here on earth we can only dream of.

I have recently watched my Father and Father-In-Law pass by, and I truly believe that one day God will reveal 'Why?'.

A memorial page to Mary would be fitting for without Mary we would not have enjoyed the journey we have since Jim died.

I share with you a well know dedication:

God saw the road was getting rough,
The hills were hard to climb.
He gently closed your weary eyes,
and whispered... "Peace be thine".

Alan Robertson <>

I know ya'll have a thousand things to do, so I'll keep this short, I just wanted you to know that you have my deepest sympathies, you have remained Mary's supporters and friends throughout all of this ugliness, and must be deeply grieved. I hope the Reeves family knows that there is a whole world full of people they've never met, but who were touched by Jim, often through the efforts of Mary to keep him out there with us, and we feel for their loss.

--Cathy Locks <>

Please send my condoleances to the family. (I'm from Holland)

--Wil Van Druten <>

I am very sorry to hear the news. THANK YOU so very much for letting us folks know so soon, Julie.

--Larry Augustine <>

I am very sad to hear this and I will include Mary Reeves in my prayers ,

Annette Kühn <>

Mary is up in heaven with Jim and Jim gave her a big hug and kiss at Heaven's gate and thanked Mary for all she did in keeping his career going after he had to go. I hope Mary gets elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame someday. we will never see the likes of mary and Jim in our lifetime. I treasured Mary's friendship as she treasured mine.

--Paul Olsen <>

Dear Julie, God Bless you. Jim Reeves is also my passion. My mother has every album he made. I am saddened to hear about Mary. I believe she is with Jim right now and maybe they are "Waltzing On Top of the World" tonight.

Thank you for such a wonderful website

Melonie-Faye Frances <


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