A Letter To My Heart

(How many of Jim's songs can you find? Print out this page and underline song references...)




Dear Jim Reeves:

How can I write on paper what I feel in my heart? When I lost you I could cry because I'm hurtin' inside. Once upon a time I was waltzing on top of the world, because I had the whispering hope that somewhere along the line I'd see you in person. It is no secret and it's no sin that I love you because you're my favorite singer. According to my heart, I care no more for any other songs but yours. I can't begin to count how many times a day I play your beautiful songs and it's true that when I hear you sing I almost fall to pieces and I'm crying again with blues in my heart.

When you are gone there's a dark moon over my shoulder and my blue skies are grey. When I hear your lonely music, I get teardrops in my heart. I'll always be on the blue side of lonesome because you are my missing angel. Please don't ask me why. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, legions of people in the world you left behind are saying "We thank Theee, oh Gentle Shepherd, for the precious memories of Gentleman Jim Reeves." Til' the end of the world I won't forget you and I'll keep my golden memories and silver tears locked within my heart. Your songs will always be precious diamonds in the sand and I'll hear them every day through my four walls. Adios Amigo.

Yours sincerely,

An unknown admirer