Jim Reeves Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of Jim's life and career. Print out this fun quiz and try to answer these questions. We'll post the answers soon.

1. Jim's two favorite male vocalists from the pop field both had names whose initials were "B.C." Who were they?

2. What song did Jim sing the first time he appeared on the Grand Ole Opry?

3. Jim said he ate this particular food for breakfast several times a week. What was it?

4. Jim sang this song on several TV shows while standing in a phone booth. What is the title of the song?

5. What year did Jim become a regular member of the "Grand Ole Opry"?

6. What is the name of the magician friend of Jim's who accompanied him on some foreign tours and whose hands appear dealing the cards in the movie "Kimberly Jim"?

7. What was Mary's maiden name?

8. What was the name of the street on which Jim and Mary lived in Madison, Tenn.?

9. Who was Jim's favorite female movie star? (Hey -- we never said this was easy!)

10. Who was the orchestra leader on the Jim Reeves radio show (1957-58)?

11. What was the nickname of Jim's tour bus?

12. What is the name of the last TV show Jim appeared on before his death?

13. What song was on the flip side of "He'll Have To Go"?

14. What was the name of Jim's favorite after-shave lotion?

15. Who was the engineer on the "Four Walls" session who first let Jim sing closer to the mike (thus giving birth to the rich, intimate sound)?

16. Jim was the summer replacement guest host for this famous country music performer on the "Ozark Jubilee" TV show from Missouri. Who did he fill in for?

17. Who was Jim's favorite country male vocalist in later years?

18. Who wrote "Am I Losing You?" (No cheating now...don't look it up!)

19. What year and make of antique car did Jim drive around Nashville?

20. What are the call-letters of the radio station in Henderson, Texas that Jim once worked at and then later bought?


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