Jim's Song

This comes from Kerry Edwards in Australia, who writes:

"Many years ago (on 28.7.1973 in fact when I was in school, so my typewritten page says) I composed a song using Jim's song titles (similar to Eddy Arnold's 'Eddy's Song') and used to sing it to that tune.

I know it sounds schoolboyish, but then I was just that then. I have reproduced it here for the many fans of Jim who might appreciate it. By the way, the lyrics of the song was not intended as one that Jim might sing to Mary."

(Try to find all the song titles -- there are 44 of them)

1. On that day that we met my Mary darling,
I then knew that someday we'd wed,
After loving you blue skies there's always been,
I'll never say that I am guilty after you I'd seen,
I know that you were my missing angel,
And that you were just out of reach,
I love you more and I know you do,
Most of the time when I'm not with you
I won't forget you'dear because you're true.

2. When I sat all alone with no one to cry to
And four walls closing in on me,
Across the bridge I'd see, you just walking in the rain
My happiness would start and then, ease my heartache pain,
According to my heart I'd love you only,
It's no sin cause I'd like to be
So take me in your arms and hold me
In the misty moonlight dear
Young hearts in love we'd be forever more.

3. But you said no and I'm only a stand in
Making believe that one day you'll be mine,
You'll never know how much I'm trying to forget
That a fool such as I should have ever thought, you I'd get,
I know now that it was just wishful thinking
And that I am a fool to care,
It hurts so much and I could cry
Cause we could have at least tried,
Now there's a heartache following me because I lied.

4. As years go by I'm beginning to forget you.
Losing your love meant nothing to me
I care no more'for you cause this is it for me,
It's been my last and final affair and that how it will always be,
I'd like to ask you my dear, have you ever been lonely
Has he said that he'll have to go
Well that's a sad affair I know,
You were almost his bride to be,
'Auf Wiederseh'n sweetheart and that's goodbye from me.

Copyright 1999 by Kerry Edwards. All worldwide rights reserved.