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Was Jim Reeves as good in person as he sounded on record? As anyone could tell you who had the pleasure of attending one of Jim's concerts, the answer is an emphatic "YES!" Unlike today's crop of country music singers, some of whom even have to resort to lip-syncing during their live shows, Jim Reeves was a "singer's singer." That thick, rich voice was incomparable. The ease with which he sang, his diction, perfect pitch -- everything that made his recordings so appealing -- was fully on display during his live performances.

His stage presence was also something very enjoyable. Jim's shows were informal, with ad libs and impromptu humor. He also entertained requests from the audience and the Blue Boys were ready to back him on anything -- whether it be a well-rehearsed number or something that Jim had never sung before. As lead guitarist Leo Jackson has commented, "Even when Jim didn't know a song very well, he never hit a bad note. EVER!" Leo should know. He stood to the right and within only a few feet of Jim on virtually all Jim's performances around the world, including stage shows as well as TV and radio work. So he heard his voice close up.

Over the years, fans have had only a few opportunities to listen to this informal side of Jim Reeves. There was the "On Stage" album, a "Live At the Opry" LP from the CMA, and of course the 4-CD Bear Family set based on some of Jim's radio transcriptions. Unfortunately, in most cases, the dialogue has been eliminated so fans don't get to hear the spontaneous wit that Jim was known for, or his laughter -- which was contagious.

There are also some wonderful Jim Reeves television appearances that have never been commercially released. With the permission of their owners, this website is proud to present a worldwide exclusive -- excerpts in streaming RealAudio!

These exceedingly rare excerpts capture some of the magic that was Jim Reeves.

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APRIL 1964

On his final European tour, Jim Reeves did two concerts in Njårdhallen on April 15, 1964. The latter of these was televised, and the videotape survives. It has been shown periodically on European television. Jim is in excellent voice, and the audience receives him warmly. On one of the excerpts featured here, you hear Jim apologize for making a mistake. But actually, the error was made by the Anita Kerr singers, who failed to come in again as Jim resumed singing "Four Walls." You hear him pause in his singing as he turned around and smiled at them, and that was their cue to continue. Always the gentleman, he accepted responsibility for the confusion in good-hearted fashion.

I Love You Because

Four Walls/Blue Canadian Rockies

Adios Amigo



What Would You Do?

An Evening Prayer

Losing Your Love

Medley: "Lazy man's music"

The Farmer and the Lord


I'm Gonna Change Everything

Blue Boy Leo Jackson has described T. Tommy Cutrer as probably Jim's "best friend." Their friendship dates back to their Louisiana days. Then "T" became a popular announcer with WSM in Nashville. Whenever Jim appeared on Tommy's TV show, the comraderie between the two was apparent. Often they'd pull up a couple of stools and talk, Jim would do some impromptu numbers and they'd have a great time. These performances come from several installments of the show. "Home" and "I'm Gonna Change Everything" spotlight bass player Bobby Dyson.




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