Jim Reeves Crossword

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2. (2 words) Name of Jim's encore number in concert
5. Chart position 17 of Jim's songs attained after his death
6. Country in which Jim scored a #1 hit with "I Love You Because"
8. Jim's favorite hobby
12. Method by which Jim travelled on the road
14. Name of the little boy Jim sang about "who's got a grown-up mind..."
16. First name of Jim's favorite songwriter
18. Name of Jim's beloved collie dog
19. First name of man who headed Jim's song publishing firms
20. Number of millions Jim sold of "He'll Have To Go"



1. Name of person who wrote "Am I Losing You?"
3. Age at which Jim first appeared on a radio show
4. Name of European city where Jim performed in a concert taped for TV
7. Label on which Jim scored his first big hit, "Mexican Joe"
9. Night of the week the "Frolics" show aired on WSM
10. Ozark J------
11. First name of world's foremost collector of Reeves memorabilia
13. First name of Jim's longtime secretary
15. The Texas county in which Jim was born
17. First name of Jim's producer at RCA

(We'll post the answer sometime soon...so keep checking this page).

If any of you have a crossword you'd like to have us post that's based on Jim's life, feel free to let us know and we'll make arrangements to obtain it.



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